• All students shall be required to take Mid Term and Final Term examinations in a semester on notified dates, besides class tests, assignments, etc. All examinations shall be conducted as per notified academic calendar.
  • A student shall be eligible to appear in the examination provided that he has:
    • been on the role of the University during the semester;
    • registered himself/herself for the concerned course(s) of study;
    • attended 75% lectures and practices;
    • paid all the University dues.
  • A student shall be evaluated in each course on the basis of various components of the study including class attendance, assignments, projects, lab work, presentation, quizzes, Mid Term, and Final Term examinations according to the following weightage.
Attendance and Class Participations10%
Quizzes, attendance, assignments & presentations etc.20%
Final Term40%
  • The nature of tests, assignments, lab work etc. shall be determined by the Course teacher keeping in view the nature and requirement of the course.
  • Project / internship reports shall be evaluated by the departmental committee comprised by Teacher concerned and two other faculty members. Academic departments shall devise appropriate procedures for the evaluation of project/internship report.
  • If any student fails to appear in the mid-term or final exam, due to any reasons, no separate/make up exam will be arranged for him and he shall be treated as absent and failed.
  • Mid-Semester papers shall cover the course taught up to Mid-Semester. The nature and number of questions for Mid-Semester Examination shall be decided by the concerned course teacher.
  • Final Examination papers shall cover whole course of the respective subject.
  • Minimum time allowed for Mid-term Examination will be one hour and that for the Final Term Examination shall be of 2 hours.
  • In order to pass a course, a student must obtain at least D Grade in that course, including class tests/assignments, midterms and final examination. plus marks obtained in midterm plus marks obtained in final examination. It will also be essential to pass practical examination separately, where involved.
  • There shall be no re-evaluation/rechecking of answer books, only re-totaling of marks and showing of paper will be allowed as per the written request of the student with a deposition of fee per subject as re-totaling fee, within one week after the result display as per the academic calendar.
  • There will be no supplementary/special examination in semester system, if a student fails he will have to repeat the course as per rules.
  • All evaluations in semester system shall be internal. The concerned teachers in all respective courses shall evaluate the students.
  • In subjects, where External examiner(s) are required to be appointed, Controller of Examinations shall appoint such external examiner on recommendation of the Dean.


A. Mid-term Examination:

  1. The Mid-term Examination shall be conducted after eight weeks of the commencement of semester according to the schedule (i.e. Date Sheet) displayed by the Department.
  2. The respective course teachers shall evaluate student work and assigning marks for Sessional and Mid-term Examination.
  3. The course teacher shall be responsible for the evaluation of Sessional Work/Mid-Semester Examinations of the students of his/her class and for the award of marks to them on the basis of such evaluation.
  4. The Course Teacher shall show the Answer Scripts of Mid-Semester, tests, quizzes etc. to
  5. The concerned students and take them back immediately in accordance with the schedule
  6. Announced for the purpose by the teacher.
  7. In case a student is not satisfied with his/her marks, he/she may submit an application in this regard to the HOD stating the valid reasons for his/her dissatisfaction with the award Within one week of the declaration of Mid Semester Result. The HOD shall take an appropriate action on his/her case.
  8. The HOD shall submit the marks for Sessional Work and Mid-Semester Examinations to the Office of the Controller of Examinations before the end of a semester.

B. Final Examination:

  1. The Final Examination shall be conducted at the end of semester according to the schedule

(i.e. Date Sheet) announced by the University.

  1. The Office of the Controller of Examination shall be responsible for the conduct (including assignment of examiners and assignment of supervisory staff etc.) also evaluation of the Final Semester Examinations at the end of each semester.
  2. The Panel of Examiners for Final Examinations shall be appointed by the Office of the Controller of Examination.
  3. The Office of the Controller of Examinations shall be responsible for preparing/declaringsemester results and issuing Semester Transcripts.
  4. There shall be no re-checking of Final Examination Papers, however, the candidates mayapply in the prescribed manner to the Office of Controller of Examinations for retotaling/recounting of marks awarded to him/her in any paper of Semester FinalExamination.

Viva-Voce/Practical Examination (where applicable)

Viva-Voce/Practical Examination shall be conducted by a committee comprising:

  1. Internal Examiner: Relevant faculty member of the University to be proposed by the Dean and HOD and appointed by Controller of Examination.
  2. External Examiner: A panel of at least two examiners (subject experts) shall be proposed by the Dean and HOD and appointed by Controller of Examination.
  3. The award list of Viva-Voce/Practical Examination duly signed by both the examinersalong with the Attendance Sheet of the concerned students shall be submitted to theController of Examinations within 02 working days of conduct of such Viva/PracticalExamination.

Maintenance of Examination Records

  1. The record of examination shall retain by the Office of the Controller of Examination till the completion of the degree of the respective program and issue the transcripts.
  2. The controller of Examination shall responsible to announce the results.
  3. The Office of the Controller of Examination shall act as a Central Record Office.
  4. The Examination scripts midterm and final-term examination shall be send to Controller of Examination who will keep the records in his custody. Once result submitted cannot be changed.


  • The grading shall be done on a scale of 1 – 4.
  • Letter grading should only be used for representing the individual courses and not to report the semester GPA/CGPA. The letter grade shall be reflect in transcript.
  • Equivalence between Letter grading and Numerical grading shall be as follows:
#Marks in PercentageGP/GPAGrade
190 % and above4.0A+
286 % to 89 %4.0A
382 % to 85 %3.67 to 3.92A-
478 % to 81 %3.33  to  3.58B+
574 % to 77 %3.00  to  3.25B
670 % to 73 %2.67  to  2.92B-
766 % to 69 %2.33  to  2.58C+
862 % to 65 %2.00  to  2.25C
958 % to 61 %1.67  to  1.92C-
1054 % to 57 %1.33  to  1.58D+
1150 % to 53 %1.00  to  1.25D
1249 and below0.00F
  • The equivalence between letter grading and numerical grading shall be as follow:
    • Percentage or weighted percentage of marks shall be calculated up to one significant figure. If the first fraction after decimal is 4 or less, it will be ignored. However, if the first fraction is 5 or more, it will be taken into account by raising the percentage to the next higher digit.
  • The result of a student in each course having passed or failed shall be indicated on the transcript by letter grade.


  • GPA: This is a figure ranging preferably from 0.00 to 4.00 be used to indicate the performance of a student in a particular semester.
  • CGPA: This is a figure ranging preferably from 0.00 to 4.00 be used to indicate the performance of a student in two or more semesters.
  • Semester Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Averages (CGPAs) will be calculated using the following relationships:

GPA = Sum of all courses in a Semester x Grade Point Earned)/ Total Semester Credit Hours

CGPA = Sum over all taken courses in all Semesters (Course Credit Hours x Grade Point Earned)/ Total Credit Hours taken in all Semesters

CGPA Required for Degree Completion: The minimum qualifying CGPA for completion of an Undergraduate level is 2.0 and Graduate level is 3.00.


  • Semester Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Averages (CGPAs) will be calculated using the following relationships:
  • Student shall be required to successfully complete all the essential components of the respective study program according to the prescribed scheme of studies of the respective department.
  • Student shall have to attain the minimum qualifying CGPA in the respective study program for the award of the degree.